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 About Us

"Makaha Angels Productions is owned and operated by Chaunnel "Pake" Salmon and has been in business for 6 years from conception to production output. The goal of Makaha Angels is to capture and produce entertaining and educational media that reflects Hawaii's healthy lifestyles, diverse communities, and Hawaiian culture in a "REAL and NATURAL way"!

Pake Salmon

Chaunnel "Pake" Salmon

Pake has been surfing in Hawaii's ocean and has been around the ocean all her life!! As a keiki (youngster) growing up in Hawaii she learned to paddle canoe, body board, body surf, and fish at a very young age. She was taught in the Hawaiian ways and values, and the ocean is in her blood!! As a child she was facinated with Jaques Cousteau's underwater documentaries as well as Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Through the Hawaiian artform of surfing she gained strength and insight from the sea to find her combined passion of film making and raising ocean awareness by using the ocean as her art canvas. She has been mentored by Surfing legend Rella Sunn whom she calls aunty, Hawaiian Director/ stunt coordinator Brian Keaulana who taught her ocean safety and professional etiquette, and last but not least legendary waterman Uncle Buffalo Keaulana who taught her ancient Hawaiian ways of the sea. She traveled around the world shooting video in and out of the water and has been mentored by Pete Zucarini, Underwater Director of Photography who taught Pake the "ins and outs" of filming underwater capturing marine life and marine habitat. Pete has worked on Hollywood's big blockbuster hits like Pirates of the Caribean one, two, and three. He has worked extensively with clients like National Geographic, Discovery Chanel, and far out places like BALIWOOD. Giving Pake expert knowledge and inspiration for her own creative artistry.

Having worked in the Hawaii film industry for over 10 years, Pake did everything from driving boats and jet ski's for Baywatch Hawaii, to acting in Universal Pictures Blockbuster Forgetting Sarah Marshall, doing surf stunts for commerials, being a location manager, shooting behind the scenes in the water for ABC'S LOST, had her directing debut with Darryl Hannah underwater in Kona shooting a movie about dolphins to teaching Hawaiian culture and ocean safey to celebrities. You name it!! She has done it!! With all her expereince off and on camera, Pake decided to take what she learned and use it to give her clients the best of both worlds, land and sea artistry and expertise to "Capture Soul & Spirit behind the lens!!